Samsung Galaxy  M31 Full Review, Specs & Softaware

Samsung now this year alone the smartphone  giant has  launched a flagship a flagship killer a premium mid-range and now has come up with this so this my friends is the
all-new samsung galaxy m31 which comes as a successor to the samsung galaxy m 30s launched last year now I know you have a lot of questions about this smartphone so sit tight as I answer them all in this review let's get on with the review of the


Samsung Galaxy M31 Specification and Design

In terms of design the samsung galaxy m31 does very little to differentiate itself from its predecessors in fact there hasn't been much change in the city's design since the m30 which launched a year or so ago with the m31 you will get the same external chassis

that has been constructed using polycarbonate along with the same six point four inch Super AMOLED display which features an infinity hue not at the center honestly barring their view camera modules it's extremely hard to tell the m30 TM 30s and the m21 apart that's my biggest pet peeve with Samsung's mid-range smartphones as they seldom bring new designs 

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering if the phone is too heavy to use well despite packing a 6000 mAh battery the smartphone is on the lighter side and tips the scales at just 185 grams and that's not the only benefit of going the polycarbonate route the handset is more sturdy compared to all glass offerings - and your heart won't skip a beat on the off chance you drop the phone on concrete as you might have guessed by now the placement of ports and buttons is the same on the galaxy m31 and its predecessors - which means you get a headphone jack or USB type-c port and the speaker grille towards the bottom of the phone the volume rocker and the power body can be found on the smartphone's right-hand spine with the triple SIM slot position on the left there's a capacitive fingerprint sensor positioned towards the back of the phone which albeit is a bit dated works really well honestly I would take this over the companies in display fingerprint sensors

any given day as they are extremely slow that being said I would have liked the sensor to be positioned a bit lower as it is a little hard to reach you'll also get facial recognition with the phone which would well but struggle to unlock the device when it was done or when I was moving my head too much also there is no notification light but you do get always-on functionality with the phone so you win some and you lose some if I've said it once I've said it a million times before Samsung makes some of the best smartphone displays and the m30 ones panel is no exception to this the display is bright and vibrant thanks to a Super AMOLED take measures in at six point four inches and offers a full HD plus resolution

you also get white vinyl one with the phone which lets you stream licensed HD content from apps like Netflix and prime video there's also built-in dock mode so you can turn that on if you like all that everything moreover you can also calibrate the display to your liking by choosing between natural and vivid mode and fine-tuning the panel's white balance there's really not much for me to say here so rest assured if you're a movie buff then the galaxy m31 will not disappoint you if you talk about the specs then the galaxy m31 is powered by an in-house X nos 96 11 optical processor that works alongside Saves GB of RAM and either 64gb or 128gb of builtin use an expandable storage now the process of powering the m31 isn'tv new and the company already employed it on last year's end 30s so you can expect both the devices to perform exactly the same

Samsung Galaxy M31 Comparision

In fact if given the choice between the N 30s or the N 31 you will probably be better off with the N 30s as it will offer you more bang for your buck regardless here's how the device fared when it compared to other similarly priced handsets in synthetic benchmarks as you can clearly see the m31 fails to impress amidst the likes of poco x 2 and when we noted pro when it comes to benchmarks even while its gaming the smartphones struggled to run intensive games like pubg smoothly

the experience much better on rival handsets that being said if you're not much of a gamer then the m30 ones day to day performance will not disappoint you the four chips will ufs 2.1 storage which opened apps quickly and thanks to its 6 gigs of memory multitasking was a breeze for the phone too I did come across some starters when I was jumping he naps but I could live with it the samsung galaxy m31 is backed by a quad camera set up at the back comprising a 64 mega pixels main sensor an 8 megapixel ultra wide shooter with 123 degrees field of view a 5 megapixel depth sensor and a 5 megapixel macro lens which will let you get as close as 4 centimeters to a subject for selfies the smartphone gets a 32 megapixel front camera with F 2.4 aperture so how good is the camera on the N 31 or should I say how improved is the sensor compared to the N 30 s seeing how the camera specs of the newer model are what set it apart well the M 31 is a better shooter of the two smartphones but not by much so when you look at the two photos side by side you'll notice that there isn't much difference even if you zoom in to the standard short you'll find similar sensor details and the dynamic range of the two photos to be on part two the only two differences I notice in the shots I took with the N 30 s and the M31 word firstly the m31 clipped more punchy photos and secondly the high-res shot on the m31 is slightly sharper and more detailed thanks to its 64 megapixel sensor let's start with the daylight shots where in the N 21 managed to click excellent images with punchy colors and good contrast typically from a Samsung phone the sensor details were on par with the competition and the dynamic range was spot-on - especially in photos where the subject is in the direction of the Sun take a shot of the building being constructed for instance even with the sun shining bright the composition looks brilliant and the device has done a good job of bringing out the details from the shadows - barring that the 6480 photo looks really good the colors a little bit oversaturated look tasteful and the details in the photos do increase quite a bit here's an example if you zoom into the balcony with a brown

carpet in the standard short you won't see as many details on the carpet as you would if you were to zoom in to the high-res shot coming to the ultra wide sensor well it works but I wasn't\ awestruck by its photos while I could more of a seen the edges of the photos were blood and had noticeable barrel distortion - same goes for the natural sensor as well which can get you good photos but only if you don't move a muscle when you're clicking close-ups something that's humanly impossible if you ask me thankfully for someone like me who clicks a lot of selfies on a day-to-day basis the m30 ones new and improved 32 megapixel front camera is a godsend I'm talking crisp up photos with good skin tones and a fantastic software driven portrait mode which managed to cut a clean bouquet around my face low-light shots from the selfie camera on the other hand are honestly not very good even with the steel flash functionality enabled the photos turned out really dark and lack details same goes for the real cameras low-light prowess to the pictures I clicked with the device had a lot of noise along the edges and the smartphone struggle to keep lens flaring in check - seeing how the n31 is going to go up against smartphones like the poco x2 which clicks fantastic low-light images I was really hoping the company would bring their a-game with the m31

Samsung Galaxy M31 First Impressions 

The m31 also misses out on a couple more features and the handset cannot record
60fps video in either 4k or 1080p resolution the samsung galaxy m31 scaled to fame is this massive 6000 mAh battery the smartphone is easily a to date phone for moderate users and even if you push the device to its limits you will still be able to make it through the end of a
workday completely during my usage which included using apps like WhatsApp telegram Instagram and snapchat along with some sessions of gaming and streaming videos off of Netflix the smartphone was consistently getting me close to 7 hours of screen on time now
the downside is that the battery does take a lot of time to charge and in are charging tests
the smartphone took two and a half hours to charge from zero to 100% as for the audio output well it's nothing to write home about on screen the headphone jack doesn't add any interference when connecting a pair of earphones and the mobile speaker at the bottom of the phone is loud enough - albeit gets muffled easily when playing games

Samsung Galaxy M31 software 

The samsung galaxy m31 boots the company's 1ui 2.0 on top of android 10 the fact that the smartphone boots the latest version of android instantly gives it brownie points as for the custom scale I really like what the company has achieved with one UI 2.0 features like dark mode and navigational gestures are available on the n31 along with the company's all-new AI features which debuted on the galaxy a 51 I reviewed a while back so things like a universal smart sauce and smart screenshots are all present on the m31 there aren't as many duplicates app either this time around which is great so should you buy the samsung galaxy and m31 well as of recording this video 

Samsung Galaxy M31 Price

I don't really know the price of the phone. this phone will be priced around piece 15,000 now for the price it has quite a lot of good things going for it including and not limited to it's insane 6000 mAh battery which I mean if you are going to buy this phone then you should all would

Samsung Galaxy M31 Experience 

throw away all of your power banks because this is a battery beast and last even the most hardcore smartphone users at least a full day secondly the rear camera setup on the smartphone is not that bad all that bad and nine times out of ten you will be able to walk away with a very good looking photo especially if you're shooting during 

day thirdly the smartphone comes with a very responsive capacitive fingerprint sensor and the software experience on the phone is top-notch too and how can I forget that I absolutely enjoyed watching movies on the smartphones gorgeous Super AMOLED display but the problem is that all of that is true for the Samsung Galaxy and 30s as well so I don't really see why people should pay an extra to get the m31 especially when you consider that they're both poorer by the same processors and then both last you the same amount of time and then there's also the fact that there are smartphones like the poco x2 which just offer a better bang for your buck by giving better processing power 

better photography experience and a 120 Hertz display for that price so in conclusion if your hard to set on a Samsung smartphone then I would say that save yourself a couple thousand bucks and just buy the Samsung thirty years it's a great phone which will do 99% of the things that this point will do so in conclusion if you hard-assset on a Samsung smartphone in the budget to affordable range then I would say go for the Samsung Galaxy M 30 years and save yourself a couple thousand bucks that phone will do 99% of the things this phone can do and if you don't want to buy a samsung phone and you just want to buy the best possible phone for fifteen thousand rupees then there's no shortage of options in the market but guys that wraps up my full review of the Samsung Galaxy m31

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