If you're after the best laptops of 2020 you have come to a correct place retailers are cutting the prices of many of the best laptops you'll find in this guide also  will help you pick the best laptop to suit your needs and budget in this list we have the best premium laptops ,budget laptops, gaming laptops and Chromebooks as well basically if you're after a brilliant laptop we have you covered here are the top 10 best laptops in 2020

Asus Chromebook

The Asus Chromebook C 302 is the ultimate Chromebook for the pros flip and touch full HD screen Intel Core processor aluminum metal body four gigabytes RAM 64 gigabytes flash storage and long battery life make this the ideal Chromebook for those who love the cloud and being on the go the slim light an incredibly stylish Chromebook flip 302 combines the simplicity of Chromebook with powerful components and an amazing 360 degrees hinge that lets you flip instantly between a high-performance Chromebook a handy Chromebook tablet or anything in-between this versatile touchscreen device frees you to work or play anywhere anytime with its long lasting battery life backlit keyboard with a spacious 104 point five millimeters X 61 millimeters touchpad and lightning fast USB C port the Chromebook flip 302 also gives access to millions of amazing apps available at the Google Play Store choose from millions of apps including premium entertainment popular games and the latest productivity apps to help you do what you love

Dell g5 

Dell g5 laptop experience every beat of the action with improved clarity and imaging thanks to two toon front firing speakers powered by waves max audio Pro the aggressive design is equipped with huge cooling vents and dual fan cooling technology to ensure your system never buckles under the load of demanding games while still staying cool and quiet load apps or data faster run your machine faster stretch battery life and improve shock resistance durable magnesium alloy braces the system for exceptional rigidity and a luxe bomb rest with brushed metal finish completes the ultra sleek look easy single screw bay door access means you can service your system or tinker with your components anytime you want

Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 two and one sets a new bar for hybrid laptops packing impressive gaming power into an ultra-thin shell if it weren't for the loud fans and software that still needs work this notebook would have been a home run hit in converting a powerhouse laptop into a hybrid machine you actually want to use as a tablet Dell turn to Intel's new KB Lake G processors to deliver discrete level graphics on a single chip this 15-inch performance machine also introduces Dells new magnetically driven keyboard and innovative cooling system to further reduce weight and compress the size of this convertible notebook 

Microsoft Surface laptop 3

Powerful statement and fuel your ideas with new surface laptop three sleek and light with improved speed performance and typing comfort it travels with ease and makes every day more productive now in a choice of two sizes too elegant keyboard finishes and new colors to match your style

Google pixel book 

Pixal book go is the Chromebook that goes anywhere then keeps going it's barely one kilogram and is just 13 millimeters thin so it's easy to bring along and with up to 12 hours of battery life you can go unplugged virtually all day an eighth gen Intel Core processor in Chrome OS keep you moving fast the Titan C security chip and built-in antivirus software help protect your data so you can go without worry whether you're collaborating on a Google Doc in a cafe catching up on emails during a flight or watching movies while on vacation you can do more on the go

Alienware area 51  

If you've been looking at the field of gaming laptops for the past couple of years you've probably noticed that they are getting thinner lighter and less conspicuous today's gaming laptops are not only capable of playing the latest games at high frame rates but they can also pull double duty for productivity work just as easily alien wares new area 51 M which starts at around one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars and can be configured well north of five thousand dollars is not one of those gaming laptops it is a behemoth that calls back to the time when all gaming laptops were thick heavy computers that never left the comfort of a sturdy desk

MacBook Pro

Designed for those who defy limits and change the world the new MacBook Pro is by far the most powerful notebook ever made with an immersive 16 inch Retina display superfast processors next-generation graphics the largest battery capacity ever in a MacBook Pro a new magic keyboard and massive storage it's the ultimate pro notebook for the ultimate user the new macbook pro features a stunning 16 inch Retina display the largest Retina display ever in a Mac notebook it produces 500 nits of brightness for spectacular highlights and bright whites while delivering deep blacks thanks to the precise photo alignment of liquid crystal molecules and the P 3 wide color gamut enables brilliant true-to-life images and video so no matter where you are you'll see your work in the best possible light

HP Spectre x-360

Imagination meets the height of performance this sleek laptop was engineered to deliver incredible graphics and speed to empower you when inspiration strikes reinvent your creative process with four unique modes and bring your vision to life with a laptop designed around you as thin and elegant as ever the new HP Spectre x-360 for 2020 has clearly been designed to impress as well as continue the tradition of greatness that the specter line has long established in years past the HP Spectre x-360 has always ranked as one of the best two and one laptops on the market

Huawei mate book 13

Delivering powerful functions without compromising portability the hallway mate book 13 comes equipped with the latest Intel whiskey Lake processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 25 watt TDP option and an industry-leading full view touchscreen with 88% screen to body ratio Huawei full view display delivers more than an impressive screen it brings to life a fully immersive visual experience with an 88% screen to body ratio the huawei mate book 13s slender 4 point four millimeters bezel makes more room for bright rich and vivid graphics to ignite your imagination be spellbound

Dell XPS 13

Dell just made one of the best laptops even better loaded up with Intel's powerful 8th gen core processor the XPS is even faster and more powerful than ever Plus Dell finally got rid of the nose cam however the combination of a 4k display and a power-hungry CPU puts the battery life at just under 8 hours which can be a detriment to mobile professionals if you need more endurance we recommend the 1080p model which endured for more than 12 hours on our battery test and if you want a convertible laptop consider the upcoming XPS 13 2 + 1 which is the best two-in-one laptop around regarding design and performance the XPS 13 remains among the best in its class

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