Top 20 pubg mobile pro tips 2020 To become pro

  • if you're alone and an enemy squad rushes towards you go below this bridge near Rose Ock and sit inside this small gap as soon as the enemies come searching for you Surprise them
  • suppose your teammate mark something and by the time you reach there the mark disappears just open your chat box click on the clock icon and click on the item which was marked recently the mark will appear again

  • if an enemy is camping behind this block you can take him down easily using an aide to stand next to this wooden box and start cooking a name now move your crosshair exactly towards this left tree and release the knave after three seconds boom your enemy is gone
  • here's a cool trick near the water city climb onto this tower until you reach here and stand on this railing now jump towards this tree in this manner you won't be visible at all and can take your enemy down
  • one good way to practice your sprays over the vehicle would be in the cheer Park take a vehicle and do a quick-draw match against your friend now try to take him down as early as possible this will improve your sprays and will also help you while playing classic matches
  • you can quickly jump over any window by tapping on the jump and Crouch button together keep in mind you need to tap the Crouch button twice this saves you time and you can quickly escape out of a house here's
  • trick if you're near these containers just drop your shoes in this manner when you see it from the front it'll look as if an enemy is standing there now to stand in the opposite container and wait your enemies will see the shoes and get confused surprise them from behind here's how it looks from an enemy's point of view
  • after the new update a cool feature has been added to the game now you can see the bullet mark on the walls and predict the direction of your enemy if an enemy is far away from you and misses a shoot you can clearly  predict his location 
  • on your left on your right behind you you can hide a gas can below a vehicle just tap on the get in button and drop it now I do a little bit of damage to it and hide yourself as soon as anyone approaches towards the vehicle burst it it's very useful in cases where two to three members of a squad come together towards the vehicle
  • one more  trick go to the first floor of this building and stand over this wooden box now keep your joystick towards the wall and drop one of your weapons if you see this from the other side of the wall it'll look as if an enemy is camping near the wall now go back to the room and sit on the opposite side as soon as someone enters the room surprise them from behind
  • here's a good way to check whether an enemy is camping on top of this building or not open this door now jump on to the door to do a Ledge ground while doing so you can clearly spot the enemies now since you know their exact position go and finish them
  • amazing trick  you can perform using a u-az are park your u-az in a slanted direction near this building and try jumping in between the gap to reach unto the top of the building now knock your enemy easily 
  • secondly you can use the same trick inside the school building just Park it in a similar way and try jumping into the gap to reach the top 
  • here's a cool feature which came with the new update a white mark appears next to the name of your teammate when they fire if you're playing with your microphones off you can get to know which of your teammates has engaged in the fight 
  •  if you're out in the open and an enemy is coming towards you in a vehicle start running in a zigzag direction your enemy will be confused and you'll have the highest probability to save yourself
  • if an enemy is camping inside the top room of this building pull a smoke in this manner and block their vision now go towards the balcony and walk along this path now it's time to enter into the building and surprise the campers
  • if an enemy is camping inside this warehouse go towards the wooden Tower and climb onto it now jump towards the warehouse surprise your enemies from the top if you're pushing for a conqueror or ace here's a good way to increase your total points knock your teammates and revive them again and again also take some zone damage and heal yourself as much as you can as a result of this your total points will increase and you can level up quickly 
(Motorcycle Trick)
  • here's a fun trick stand close to a motorcycle now click on the emote  icon and do any emote as soon as the emote starts minimize your screen for 4 to 5 seconds now open the game and immediately tap on the drive button your character will perform the mo while standing on the motorcycle
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