HP Pavilion x360 (14-inch) - Full Review and Benchmarks 

HP Pavilion x360 M3 a mouthful but this is actually a very cool two and one convertible laptops for HP and with back-to-school in full swing I thought I'd be cool to check out something for students the Pavilion x360is a two on one convertible laptop from HP and it's really ideal for students or for people 

HP Pavilion x360 Main Uses

who are doing more traditional work I would say really don't necessarily think that this is something for the graphic designers in the audience or the professional video editors, I definitely think there are more robust

 solutions for that but if you're somebody who has a budget of somewhere between 600 and 750 dollars and around (49000 INR) price in India market and you don't need like the largest SSD hard drive in the world then this

 is a fast portable computer that has some interesting options especially if you want to browse Netflix it has an up to eight-hour battery life I actually got closer to five or six hours out of it doing casual use and I will say it's one of the best audio experiences 

I've actually had in a laptop like this the m3 has a pretty solid build quality and what I do like about the two-in-one feature is that you get this tablet mode when it goes into the two-in-one tablet mode the actual keyboard on the back

 here is disabled so I can push all this stuff and it doesn't matter I just go ahead and I browse through and I can use the virtual keyboard there and I'm good to go I have to say that the touchscreen on this is one of the most 

responsive touchscreen experiences I've had on a laptop what I usually compare it to in this case is my Dell XPS 13 and I think we're a touchscreen experience is concerned that this is just as good as any of them out there

HP Pavilion x360 Specifications

I think that's pretty cool the power button for the a laptop is on this side along with a USB 2.0 button as well as a volume toggle and the headphone jack so I think that's really interesting is the design on the righthand side you have an HDMI output as well as two USB 3.0 outputs which is fantastic no USB see just yet but 

I don’t think that that's mainstream enough you also get an SD card slot so this could be decent for you if you want to move over pictures and edit Photoshop can work on this very basic Lite video editing can work on this 

as well I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but between the SSD that this has which is an m2 SSD right in there which is upgradable it's about the only thing that’s upgradable in this laptop you’ve got the great boot times 

and great application launch speeds you have eight gigs of RAM as well as a generation six 5 processor usually running at 2.3gigahertz to 2.8 gigahertz so this is a solid overall working laptop if you are working professional and

 you want to do Word documents most of what I did with this laptop actually is the articles that I write for how to design and for the print magazine I did a lot of my editorial work on this and it was a great experience overall.

HP Pavilion x360 Review

I think that this is a very well rounded basic laptop really think that this product is really more for students and you know people in college or

 in a basic work capacity doing a lot of word processing transferring documents surfing the web using the cloud so that's who I really think that this is geared toward I don’t necessarily think it's for creative professionals but I think 

it's great for anybody else I want to thank our friends over at HP for sending this over they are a hardware sponsor for the channel but I've also been buying some other products from them actually recently bought an HP wireless printer.

Basically, I had actually completed the  review of the HP Pavilionx360 but this is just my initial first impressions if you guys would like me to review more 

laptops and more stuff for students going back to school let me know in the comment section what kind of laptop reviews are you looking for from me and what is your experience been with two and one convertible laptop I'd really 

like to know I've been skeptical about 2in 1 laptop experiences in the past but honestly I really think that HP put together something pretty solid here and it’s something that if I were a student and a parent bought this for me I'd be very happy with well minus the fact I don’t think I can do a ton of gaming omit

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