Motorola Edge + Full Review & Specs 2020 

Motorola Edge Plus resurrected one of the most iconic consumer products of all time with its new Moto rebrand the response was one of those rare thunderclap moments of universal from media and general consumers alike. 

 its first fully-fledged flagship smartphone in years, the company is taking a more measured approach. Meet the company's take on what everyone else has been doing for the past three years. Now from my disappointment about the conventional appearance of the Motorola Edge Plus,

 Motorola isomer of the only companies that can crank out a brick-like this and make the adjectives big and heavy work for it instead of against it also  It will come in Android 11

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Motorola Edge Plus Design

The endless edge display flows down the device has sides in a gentle curve countered by the top and bottom end caps that are almost defiant in their lack of curves. In fact, each has a slightly scalloped trough providing a nice

groove on the bottom, and up top, accentuating the inclusion of a rare headphone jack, and like Sony before it, Motorola has leaned into the plank-like 21-by-9 aspect ratio, making the phone easier to use with one 

hand than something like this Galaxy S20 Ultra, but hold on before you rush out to start your life on the edge. Curved screens like this where all the rage for a long time because look, they're beautiful. There’s no getting around it. 

Motorola Edge Plus Camera 

The camera, the thing zooms or refocuses when I don't want it to, or the notification shade drops when I'm not expecting it. 

You can double-tap it to disable the edges and confined the screen to just the flat portions of the glass. For one thing, it only works in some apostle camera not among them. For another, resizing apps like Instagram causes text reflow issues, and it also doesn’t work on the home screen, which is where most of my false inputs take place. 

 the edge+ has reverse wireless charging too, but it's always tough to know where to drop your earbuds. So some accessories like Pixel Buds may not charge. It goes up to 6K resolution, and that plus a blend of optical and electronic stabilization comes in real handy when the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds happen to fly right over your neighborhood.  Oh, that's cool. Unfortunately, Motorola continues to export that video in the rec 2020 

color space, which means a lot more work for video editors and just plain old consumers overall if they want to make the video look like it should on most screens.  That camera gets helped from a 16-megapixel wide-angle shooter that pulls double duty as a macro, and for long shots, you've got an eight-megapixel telephoto who’s 3X zoom keeps things crisper than the Pixel 4

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Motorola Edge Plus Gaming Experience and Speaker test

when you want to do some gaming, you can use that edge screen for shoulder buttons. In "World of Warships," I mapped my rudder controls

 to those virtual keys, which makes steering these10 cans a whole lot easier, and as you'd expect from a phone as specked out like this,

 game performance is flawless, as is the software's responsiveness throughout the system. The 90-hertz refresh rate on top of that is just gravy.

 The game also gave me the chance to test out two of the edge ‘smother hallmark features, and the first is audio. I was getting my ears blasted off my Motorola's Nextel phones before some of you were born. So, this shouldn't have surprised me, but the sound was so loud and the quality so good. I’m calling it now. Best speakers on a smartphone this year

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