One plus Z  Full phone specifications INDIA

If you're looking forward to the One plus Z phone so you have come at the right place one plus range they’ve always been known for affordable flagships but their prices have been rising throughout the years the most recent one +8 range it was their most expensive yet with the one +8 launching at$700 and the one plus 8 pros at $900 for those that wanted the more budget model 

The one plus Z is to be a decent budget phone for those who want capable performance but also want to save a bit of money. we've had design leaks very early.

Now had all of the hardware leaked benchmarks as well as a hands-on photo if we first, take a look at the benchmark results the one plus Z

One plus Z Design

It then it also gives confirmation that there's going to beat 12 gigabyte RAM variant of the one plus Z and it also shows us it's gonane powered up by the Snapdragon 765 Geary leaks suggested that the one plus z is going to be powered 

up by MediaTek die immensity 1000 but max J told us at the start of May that it would bathe Snapdragon of course there's no way to verify these benchmarks so it could still be fake as 12 gigabytes of RAM could be a little high for the 

Midway devise but only time will tell next up we’ve got a leak from Gibbs top who have come across marketing renders for a tempered glass screen protector.

One plus Z Some Detailed Specs

so we'll run through it all now as we covered at the one + Z has a full-screen display with a punch-hole selfie camera top-center the display is reportedly going to be a six-point four-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 23 40

 by 1080 which gives us 403 pixels per inch we already know that this is also going to be at least 90 Hertz display considering one plus officially said that all future models would be rumors are saying that it could be a hundred 

and twenty Hertz but these appear to be untrue the display will of course be protected by Gorilla Glass but at this moment in time 

we don’t know what the version there's going to be no fingerprint scanner on the rear of the one + Z so it's pretty safe to assume that we're going to get the in-display fingerprint scanner when it comes to the selfie camera 

on the front there are many different rumors floating around but many agree that it's going to be a 12megapixel the sensor when it comes to the rear of the one plus see we've got a vertical camera alignment and dual camera setup with the LED flash 

One plus Z Camera and Processor

it will be a 16megapixel ultra-wide and of course that we get the LED flash on the bottom the one plus these cameras are going to support both optical and electronic image stabilization we've got the power button an alert slider on the right-hand side of the one + Z with the volume buttons on the left the phone is of 

course powered by USB type-c and there’s no three and a half mil headphone jack many people early on reported that the one plus Z was going to be powered by MediaTek Steinmetz the t1000 but it’s just not going to be the case the 1 plus is going to be powered by the Snapdragon 765 G and the smartphone 

is going to come up with a choice of 128 or256 storage and also, 8 or 12 gigs of ram the use of the Snapdragon 765 G means that this the phone will have 5gsupport and for those that aren’t concerned with 5g it will of course, 

support earlier LTE networks and below the phone dimensions measuring + 150 9.2by 74 by eight point six millimeters and it’s all going to be powered by a four thousand milliamp-hour battery with support for 30-watt fast charging

when it comes to the pricing it's still very much unknown at the moment but it will of course, have to be lower than the eight many were estimating that the range was going to start around four hundred and fifty dollars

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