All by surprise Realme 6s  comes with a 90s display a bunch of the camera also with  fast charging and the MediaTek hello g9 TB chip inside all this at a very affordable price so is this the budget phone to buy today so  let's find out in this review 


Realme 6s Design & Display

The Realme 6s smoothness of this display this 6.5inch IPS panel it comes with a 90 Refresh rate in fact real may 6 is the first phone under 15,000 rupees to have a high refresh rate panel like this and it really makes a difference to the whole usability to the whole user experience yes some might claim there’s no difference between a 60 Hertz and a90 Hertz panel but when you actually use these displays than you'd notice how different it is people have not really used it might not know much because on paper it might not seem like a big deal but it actually is not just with gaming but even with day to day tasks the me6it fares very well in this regard so what about everything else apart from the refresh rate no but the display thesis a 20 by 9 aspect ratio full HD plus panel there's a punch hole to the top left where the 16 megapixel selfie snapper sets the bezel surrounding it are pretty slim in fact really claims the screen to body ratio of over 90% and for an IPS panel this one does well with the punchy colours and so on now the only on here is that it kind of struggles under direct sunlight even at MA brightness at times I felt like the text was kind of difficult to read and it’s also worth keeping in mind that red knees gone with Gorilla Glass 3 here that kind of seems an aggressive since the real me 5 had Gorilla Glass 3 plus and the really 3 before that had curl the glass 5 okay so the next impressive thing about the real me 6 is that MediaTek heliconia chip we all know how this chipper forms we've seen it on the last generation that we know date Pro so it wasn’t a big surprise when I've managed to chew through every game that we threat it but the combination of the 90heads it afresh the 120 Hertz dot sampling and the gaming 

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Realme 6s Processor & Software

It is more focused only on  g7Essex GPU meant that games felt smoother than they have ever been on a phone in this price bracket of course we also tried out games with support for higher average rates and even there the g9 Continued to impress now I know quite a few people who dismiss MediaTek ships as being subpar but honestly the g9 TD hermit’s capable of even taking moving on the Qualcomm competition especially when it comes to GPU scores just look at these benchmarks the g9 TT versus the Snapdragon 720 G on the real may 6 pro also worth noting that real me have solved a couple of issues for example the punching issue with where at first we didn't have the extreme framerate option and pubs even playing on smoothed levels and HD detail didn't come with the ultra-option but that's been fixed also initially we experienced some random freezes with real me UI a couple of times but the update also fixed it so real me has been paying attention to the phone and as far as the software experience goes real me UI all the features that we've seen in the past including audio share and game space they’ve been included here my favourites got to be the system with our mood yes this is not Hamlet but art mode it still looks soothing kind of got side-tracked by the software there so wrapping up performance we’ve got 4 6 or 8 gigs of RAM coupled with 64or 128 gigs of storage really have gone for lpddr4 X ROM and high-speed u FS 2.1 storage for the realm 6 which again is excellent for the price oh and we also get a dedicated microSD option so storage expansion is taken care 

Realme 6s Battery and Speaker

let's talk battery here we have a 4 300mah uintaite lasts a single day with maybe usages well in fact a mafia who primarily tested out this phone and that most of his days with over 25% left in the tanks battery life is pretty decent what ‘seven more impressive is the 30 watt fast charger that real me is included here in our charging test we found out that this theory what flash charger can take the real missus from zero to 100 in just an hour and 10 minutes also impressive is the fact that real me have managed to cram on the spot a 300 mah battery without pushing the weight upwards of200 grams at 191 grams and eight point nine millimetres of thickness 36 is not the sleekest of phones out there but in hell it feels quite good the bath it is plastic and well the realme music's comes with a seal an antirust mesh on the porch as well as the loudspeaker so it should be able to take splash or - speaking of ports we have a headphone jack here and the sound output through it it was really good we have real sound which boosts the sound through the ear phones there’s even an inbuilt equalizer available the sound through the loudspeaker

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Realme 6s Fingerprint Scanner & Buttons 

At the side we have mounted fingerprint scanner here it’s integrated into the power button and during our time with real me 6 it was quick and post no issues face unlock is also present and worked as fast as ever the only thing missing is a notification LED okay that's not cameras we are no strangers to this primary camera it's a64 megapixel Samsung rises will bright gw1we've seen it on multiple phones in the past and a good light it takes some amazing shots great detail punchy colorant even the dynamic range is pretty good just look at the shadows of the street the F 1.8 lens gives a good feel of separation of the subject and background the low-light shots they aren’t quite as impressive the dedicated night mode does help the pictures to not bright but the detail levels aren't quiet and in some of the images the night sky has a lot of noise in it then does an 8mega pixel sensor paired with the F 2.3ultra-wide lens 119 degree field of view ultra-wide lens it takes some nice-looking shots bright punchy colour wash decent detail levels 

Realme 6s Camera & Recorder

we also have a2 megapixel macro option which is average at best as far as rear portraits go the 2 megapixel depth sensor does a good job with the edge detection the subject appears to be sharp and the skin tones are left natural zooming in though we can see some over sharpening at some instances the 16 megapixel sensor for the selfie camera that's still Sunni Shia max 4-7 one real nice been using it for quite a while it takes good-looking selfies with nice skin tones even the portraits have nice edge. edge reduction so no complaints we can record videos at 4k there is something for they just sharp with vibrant colossus is shaky because there's no stabilization at this resolution for stabilization we'd have to step down to1080 B and the footage becomes more usable so the verdict on cameras we only have done really well especially with the primary camera it does a fantastic job in nicely led conditions the video recording capabilities are quite good -real nice even promised to add you Isomax video stabilization and 120 FPS low fees to the real music’s later on via software updates 

Realme 6s Cost 

 this phone the real me 6 it was priced at 13,000 rupees for the base variant however due to the GST hike the phone prices have been increased across the board from all major smartphone brands so the really six and now retails at fourteen thousand rupees for the base variant and even at that price it appears to be a solid buy the real me has positioned the real may 6 as an upgrade to the real me 5 pro and not the5 6 is the new pro and all that so considering that the real me five pro it did start at 14,000 rupees so the same price the real enemy 6 seems to offer a substantial upgrade we have a 9 display a more powerful associate 3 watt fast charging and very good optics for the price

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