Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Full Review & First Impressions

Xiaomi announced two devices under the Redmi note 9series that had me note 9 pro & theremin note 9 ProMax so we're going to review the Redmi note9 pro max which comes with the quad real camera setup then we have the 33 holdfast charging the Qualcomm Snapdragon720 G octa-core processor.

Xiaomi 9 Pro First Impression Price & Design

So it's a power-packed a device so let's see how this device fares in this price segment this device retails for 16,500 pieces for the six-gigabyte ram 18 so let's get into the detailed review so first of let ‘shave a look at the design and build quality 

now if you look at the front panel design you can see that it has paunch hole camera it's positioned at the entrance and the bezels have been kept to minimal for a budget 

now talking about the build quality so red means for the Xiaomi smartphones have been known for great build quality most of there mid-range phones all the note series have had glass finishing so here as well you get a 

really premium finishing thesis a glass finish premium looking smartphone good build quality this is protected by Gorilla Glass five even good luck glass protection is available for the camera unit as well and on the display as 

well so overall the build quality feels quite a premium for the price segment it is being offered 

Xiaomi 9 ProMax Display

so the phone comes with the full HD plus sort of solution display with a 60 Hertz panel now this is not even an imminent penance an IPS LCD panel now a lot of smartphones are offering a more advanced but they're  probably not a major issue here in terms of display performance

 the results of Gorilla Glass 5 protection so but then after even though the display feels quite good they should have probably provided a 90 Hertz panel that is what people expect at least in this price segment 

Xiaomi 9 ProMax Software

Now This is one area where we all know origami devices run on me UI 11 so we have the mi 11on this device so we'll just take me why versions

 of mi UI 11 global variant and this device has the latest version of Android 10 that is being offered here you can see that six gigabyte RAM and wanted gigabyte storage is the waiting we have with us so the device Redmi note9 pro max

 comes with android 10 and Miui 11 Offers a a lot of additional options  including customization theme support dual sim support then special features like a game tub of coke replies second space so it’s feature-rich UI 

Xiaomi 9 ProMax Performance

Its performance so we have the QUALCOMM snapdragon 720 g on this device so it’s pretty good chipset overall if you look at the performance aspect no major issues it's a very smooth processor even if you look at the gaming

 experience we did not see any sort of major issues here the games played a play smoothly no lags whatsoever there were some frame skips

 which is kind of obvious this is more of a mid-range smartphone so you don’t get the optimizations of a flagship but still, it does a pretty

 good job there is absolutely no heating issues and it does offer decent experience overall especially with the large display as well as a large capacity battery.

Xiaomi 9 ProMax Battery

The battery so this device has a five thousand MAH capacity battery and the battery life is telling on this the device you get close to nine hours surplus on this device so that’s something which is really good hours plus

 and almost one and a half days of or or other two days of battery life is something which you can expect on this device now the phone also 

comes with a thirty-three-word fast charger so again that's something which is really good and we did a charging test on this device. 

Now summing-up how good is the device for sixteen thousand five hundred rupees now the base within this offer at six-gigabyte ram 

and wanted a gigabyte storage so at this pricing, we feel this is a good offering you get a great design and build quality 

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