Samsung's Galaxy A51 First Impressions 

Is the latest addition to Samsung's mid-range smartphone line-up starting with four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage is around $300 on Amazon which is a great value for all you get here there is also a configuration of this phone with 6 gigabytes of RAM but many retailers here in the US have been falsely advertising 6 gigabyte Remodels and shipping devices with 4gigabytes of RAM instead which has 4 gigabytes of RAM and is the model used for this review.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Design

very lightweight plastic backed device witchlets bouncing all over the place when put in the right light on the right side of the phone we have our power and volume buttons while the left side is buttonless but houses the SIM card tray near the top of the phone which can hold two SIM cards and a micro SD card slot for additional storage very nice and a type-c port headphone jack and Thea 51 s primary speaker are found on the bottom now the 6.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display provides an excellent viewing experience with its vibrant colours and deep blacks in addition to having plenty of brightness to be seen outside and indirect sunlight we have our peephole front-facing camera here which might look like a disturbance but honestly itis significantly smaller than the one found on the Galaxy Note tending trial Interfere with anything you are doing it has proven to be more helpful than harmful with incredibly fast facial recognition to get you into your device very quickly with the phone's raised to wake feature turned on as well by the time you pick up your device and look at it you are already at your semi screen ready to go.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Performance

It has in Display fingerprint reader right to the always on display which gets you into your phone just as quick now in terms of quickness and the phone's overall performance I never had a moment of major inconvenience or dissatisfaction with the phone in day to day use for the past week when opening and running any of my usual applications despite this phone not having the latest and greatest flagship processor when side-by-side with my note 10 plus of course things will take an extra millisecond to boot up and occasionally there will be a small hiccup in an interface here and there but overall this phone met all of my expectations I had for it in daily use which consists of quickly getting into the phone watching YouTube playing some games checking emails and browsing the web texting and calling and listening musically the a51 does not have a dual speaker setup which you may have been hoping for but honestly the single bottom firing speaker was perfectly good for watching hours of YouTube on end and it gets plenty loud which is great the speaker on top will be used for your phone calls and all of the calls I made and receive for the past week sounded crystal clear with no issues at all but it didn't take long for me to start seeing small pieces of debris getting caught up in that smaller speaker so it’s definitely something to keep in mind for in the long term now heavy usage is no challenge for the a51 with its four thousand milliamp power battery which will always get you through your day three hours of watching YouTube only took twenty percent of the battery which equals out to potentially fifteen hours of YouTube on a single charge and a half-hour of gaming took only five percent of the battery meaning there is plenty of room for heavy usage and still having lots of juice left for your basic tasks and fast charging is here on the a51which will get you back up in the 70% orzo range after an hour of charging and up to full and about an hour.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Camera

This phone considering its price point is its camera offerings on the rear we have a48 megapixel main camera which takes great shots a 12 megapixel ultra-wide lens which definitely satisfies the need for capturing more on your photos a 5megapixel depth sensor which does a great job at focusing on your subject and blurring everything else out and a 5megapixel macro lens which allows you to get really to a subject for detailed shots in video footage I found I could easily get really close to subjects without any issues at all and the cameras will automatically adjust as needed relatively quickly and we also have some video stabilization features here in addition to filming 4k on the rear and front facing cameras now that front facing camera has a 32 megapixel lens which takes good selfies in my testing and it also features a wider angle option itself to fit someone else in the frame with you we also have our features seen on other Samsung's and flagships on the market like the Auto recognition of what you are taking a photo of in addition to recommendations of ways to make your photos come out better we also have the night mode shooting here on thea51 which works great you can take photos in almost complete darkness and they will come out looking like the photo is never taken at night or in the dark you will have a much more grainy finish on these pictures but having a picture is better than having no picture aall when you want to capture something and the cherry on top here.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Software

Device coming with one UI 2.0installed which features many quality of life improvements like the fingerprint sensor added to the always-on display smoother animations when navigating through your device my favourite personally being able to quickly switchover to previously use apps as shown here and improvements to many apps you use every day for a more seamless user experience in addition to some extra features like focus mode which can blackcaps to help you focus on getting some work donor to get a much-needed break from your phone something else I really appreciate about the galaxy a 51 is that it comes with everything you need in the box you get a clear case.  if you are looking for something of higher quality the savings you get from purchasing this phone over a flagship give you an opportunity to invest in something like the Galaxy buds which of course go along great with a device like this and the Samsung wearables apogeal all things said I can definitely recommend the galaxy a 51 to anyone out there as it does all the things you need phone to do and the solid build excellent display great software good cameras and a hefty battery to power it all is definitely a worthwhile investment at $300

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