Samsung A51 Full Review, First impressions 

Samsung A51 Is the latest addition to Samsung's mid-range smartphone line-up starting with four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage is around $300 

on Amazon which is a great value for all you get here, there is also a configuration of this phone with  6 gigabytes of RAM but many retailers here in the US 

have been falsely advertising 6-gigabyte Remodels and shipping devices with 4gigabytes of RAM instead which has 4 gigabytes of RAM and is the model used for this review.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the first budget phones to sport Samsung's flagship-grade Infinity-O display cutout. It's a light phone and easy to handle too. It features a Super AMOLED panel for bright and punchy colors. 

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Design

very lightweight plastic-backed device witchlets bouncing all over the place when put in the right light on the right side of the phone we have our power and volume buttons while the left side is buttonless but houses the SIM card tray near 

the top of the phone which can hold two SIM cards and a micro SD card slot for additional storage very nice and a type-c port headphone jack and The 51 s primary speaker is found on the bottom now the 6.5 inch 1080p AMOLED 

the display provides an excellent viewing experience with its vibrant colors and deep blacks in addition to having plenty of brightness to be seen outside and indirect sunlight we have our peephole front-facing camera here which might look like 

a disturbance but honestly itis significantly smaller than the one found on the Galaxy Note tending trial Interfere with anything you are doing it has proven to be more helpful than harmful with incredibly fast facial recognition to get

 you into your device very quickly with the phone's raised to wake feature turned on as well by the time you pick up your device and look at it you are already at your semi screen ready to go.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Performance

It has in Display fingerprint reader right to the always-on display which gets you into your the phone just as quick now in terms of quickness and 

the phone's overall performance I never had a moment of major inconvenience or dissatisfaction with the phone in day to day use for 

the past week when opening and running any of my usual applications despite this phone not having the latest and greatest flagship processor  

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Camera

This phone considering its price point is its camera offerings on the rear we have a48 a megapixel main camera which takes great shots a 12-megapixel 

ultra-wide lens which definitely satisfies the need for capturing more on your photos a 5megapixel depth sensor which does a great job at focusing 

on your subject and blurring everything else out and a 5megapixel macro lens which allows you to get really to a subject for detailed shots in video footage, I found I could easily get really close to subjects without any issues at all and the 

cameras will automatically adjust as needed relatively quickly and we also have some video stabilization features here in addition to filming 4k on the rear and front facing cameras now that front-facing camera has a 32-megapixel lens which takes good selfies in my testing and it also feature a wider angle option itself to fit some

Samsung's Galaxy A51 Software

Device coming with one UI 2.0installed which features many quality of life improvements like the fingerprint sensor added to the always-on 

display smoother animations when navigating through your device my favorite personally being able to quickly switch over to previously use apps as shown here and improvements to many apps you use every day for a more

 seamless user experience in addition to some extra features like focus mode which can blackcaps to help you focus on getting some work 

 to get a much-needed break from your phone something else I really appreciate about the galaxy a 51 is that it comes with everything you need in the box, 

you get a clear case. 

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