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Topics Covered in this article
  • Sennheiser momentum 2.0 
  • Bose QuietComfort 35B
  • JBL p55
  • iFrogz impulse duo
  • Sony WH 1000 XM 3

Sennheiser momentum 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless over ear headphones there are a number of things that make these headphones so good for starters they look beautiful the headphones are built with premium leather along with a strong metal frame and rustic look it's a great combination but the bill doesn't just make them good-looking it also makes them nice and strong while the headphones do have an over ear design they are somewhat portable they fold up and fit into a nice strong case which is included in your purchase the case is great for those of you want to take your cans on the go the Sennheiser headphones are comfortable too they have a nice memory foam in the ear cups and while we would have liked to see a little more foam in the headband that's not a deal-breaker by any means then there's the sound which is the highlight of these headphones the Sennheiser wireless overhear headphones boast a deep rich low-end along with a well-tuned and accurate-range and crisp high end they also have noise cancellation and while it's a little annoying that you can’t deactivate it if you want it will help keep that extra noise out so you can listen to your music in peace.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35  is a powerhouse in the headphone world and has been especially successful when it comes to noise cancelling headphones in our testing the headphones with the best noise cancellation technology are the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones when these cans are on the noise cancellation is almost good the headphones aren't just great for noise cancellation they're extremely comfortable and sound great to sure the design isn't all that interesting but for most people that doesn't matter as much as the noise cancellation technology and sound quality if you’re into customizing your cans to suit your personality you can design your own headphones on bose website the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones also come with everything you'll need to take them on planes and around town including anise carrying case plane adapter and cable for when you want to use them in Wired mode speaking of which Wire mode is unfortunately the only time you can use these headphones without noise cancellation on there's no switch to turn it off

JBL p55 Wireless Earbuds

JBL p55 Bluetooth looking to buy a great pair of Bluetooth headphones on a budget just because you don't have ton of cash doesn't mean you can't get some great headphones in our testing the JBL p55 headphones are the best headphones under 150 dollars for starters unlike plenty of other headphones these come with a very fun design you can get them in a ton of colours including red black blue green and white they also fold up so they’re somewhat portable and can be taken on the go the headphones don't just look good they sound good too they could use a little more in the high mid  frequency range but apart from that they offer plenty of bass and a crisp concise high ends which makes for some great sounding music they're on the better end of the spectrum with battery life to a single charge will get you 20 hours of listening time ned the JBL a 55 bluetooth headphones are relatively cheap with an original price of one. 

iFrogz impulse duo Earbuds

iFrogz impulse duo these iFrogz headphones made the best ear buds guide so I'm just going to echo what I said there below besides sounding pretty good for the price the reason the iFrogz impulse duo earbuds made the cut overall the other budget models I've tried is their design the dual driver construction is what gives these earbuds an audio edge over the competition but mostly these earbuds succeed where most Bluetooth models fail instead of having all of their technology built into the unwieldy dongle that hangs off the cable connecting both buds iFrogz built it all into a magnetic clip  the dongle onto your clothes pop in the earbuds and you’re ready to listen to music these are actually the upgraded version of the earbuds iFrogz released the last year and while the design is the same time was spent improving the sound quality I'll put it to you this way these headphones are so easy to use and sound good enough that they're my go-to pair between reviews it's just so convenient to coil them up and pop them in my pocket,

Sony WH 1000 XM 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sony WH 1000 XM 3 noise cancelling is becoming a common feature for many Bluetooth headphones and for good reason it's nice to blackout the rest of the world during your morning commute or to block out the screaming kid in front of you on the plane Sony's headphones have the best noise cancellation of any headphones I put on without any music the noise cancelling feature was able to block out a lot of ambient noise which should also appeal to you if you ‘relooking to sleep on route to your destination this pair of headphones also has a few smart features thanks to touch controls on the right ear cup placing your hand on the ear cap activates the microphone letting you hear noise like a pilot’s announcement while lowering your music as someone who put this feature to the test while traveling it was surprisingly useful noise cancelling aside these headphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and sound very good overall the audio quality wasn't as high as some other pairs I've heard but noise cancelling actually does colour the sound a little bit still it's a fair trade-off for such a nice feature

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