Top 20 Pubg Mobile Pro Tips 2020 {Part 2}

Part 1 Here

Best Tips For confusing Your enemy

  • Oh if you're inside a building taking a long range fight you can fool your enemy by applying a sticker on the wall the enemy will get confused and will still be aiming at the sticker thinking it's you
  • as soon as you land one good way to fool your enemies is to use any underrated weapon while having a good secondary weapon the enemy would blindly rush at you thinking you don't have any good weapon now surprise them and send them back to the lobby 

Best Tips For Reducing Molly Damage

here's a good way to reduce the damage of a Molly just prone yourself and stand up again repeat the same until the fire disappears you'll lose less health as compared to the normal case 

Best Tips For Spotting Your enemy

  • here's a good trick to spot enemies around you while you're inside of a building stand close to a wall and change to FPP now look towards the top and move your eye buttons to look around as soon as you spot someone go out and finish them
  • If an enemy is camping on top of this building you can park a u-az like this and jump over it to reach the balcony 
  • if an enemy is camping on the first floor of this triple storey building stand on this window into a ledge grab towards the roof now climb onto it to reach the first floor now knock your enemies easily 
  • whenever an enemy enters into any building make sure to pre fire at the doors and the windows here are some points where the enemy would be visible to you so just follow this pattern of pre fire and take them down 
  • if an enemy is camping on top of this building open the door and now jump on to it in this manner now jump onto the wall and silently move towards the window it's time to surprise your enemies from behind 

Other Best Tips And Tricks 

  • while playing with randoms if someone intentionally knocks you and doesn't revive you can stop them from picking up your loot by clicking on the yes button you can also report the player by clicking on the report button and selecting this option your random teammate will instantly get stuck in one place and will be able to move throughout that game 
  • here's a great hiding spot inside the military base just climb over here and jump onto this container now jump towards this machine and stay there as soon as someone approaches finish that here's two more military base tricks you can park a u-az in this manner and jump on to the gap to reach the top 
  • if the end zone is near the base you can jump onto the airplanes in this manner and climb till the top to spot enemies easily 

Some Tips For increasing your game sense

the maximum distance of hearing an aid being pooled is 20 meters it's the same for the smoke to the maximum distance of hearing a MOLLE being pooled is 29 meters and the maximum distance of hearing a reload sound is 18 meters 

More Best Tips For confusing Your enemy

  • if you're holding these buildings near Georgia pole park au AZ in between the houses for an easy escape if an enemy rushes towards you jump on the u-az and climb onto the other building now surprise them from behind the same can be done from this building too
  • if you're on top with a triple storey building and an enemy rushes towards you stand on this railing and jump towards the window below now knock your enemy from behind 
  • in intense situations such as this where you're surrounded by enemies park your buggy very close to the wooden window to directly get into the building now analyze your surroundings and take an easy fight 

Some Fun Tips 

  • most of you might not like the iron sight of the barrel since it has a v-shape it's a bit difficult to aim here's a solution for that you can use a canted sight to make the barrels iron site almost plain now take fights easily 
  • if your enemy rushes towards you and a buggy you can save yourself by jumping over the wheels of the buggy never jump over the center cuz you'll end up getting knocked just move a bit to the side and jump over the wheels to save yourself 
  • here's a fun trick if your teammate is knocked and you're surrounded by enemies you can carry him over your dossier in this manner and take in into the water now revive them inside the water and get into the vehicle to remain safe

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