Here it is Xiaomi Mi band 5 and  it is  better than Mi band 4?We look for the packaging that looks like the Mi band4 Only if the mi band 5 is full black On the sides and back there are features and its specifications 

This is what I have in the Chinese version In the bottom package there is a user manual In Chinese then there is the magnet charger cable The shape is small there is the Mi logo  Yes, this is the Xiaomi Mi band 5 we must Pairing first to mifit We look for the blackmail Quite easy Just stick to it, the magnet is quite tight The battery is 125 mah It can be written up to 14 days standby 

Yes after pairing it looks like this already supports English Even though I bought the Chinese version Can be changed in the settings of the Mi Fit application We will see later Here the watch face display looks more20% greater than Miband 4 We see in the strap Looks the same, there is no difference

The Mi band 4 I've used around 1year Strap is strong but sometimes you have to be careful Likes to take it off if it gets stuck when you see it from the side, you can see itthe difference Yang Mi band 5 looks like there are curves Whereas ordinary Mi band 4 At the bottom there is a capacitive button,it's the same And it says mi band 5 50% more accurate It has a Bio sensor and overhigh remind feature 


The first is status Can see steps, distance, calories He is also detailed from day to day very complete So in this section of PAI, what features do you guys have? Anyone know can help comment below This has a heart rate, notifications, stress features,breathing Events as a reminder Weather is also complete 

Workout features are available in 11 features I try this treadmill The model is the same as miband 4 I tried the cycling is different He can directly connect to the smartphone GPS In this more there are additional features Like DND, we can also set it Then there is the Alarm, Remote Camera, Music Control, Stopwatch, timer, find phone, silent, there is a world clock too ... cool We will set it via the mifit app  There are 3 choices for watchface Then in the settings section There is a Brightness setting Auto screen for only 10 seconds Quite a moment For the touchscreen it's good smoothly no problem Auto wake up display is good very fast 

XIAOMI MI BAND 5 My Experience

When used it also feels light Weight only 23.4 grams Whereas Mi band 4 weighs 22 grams Heavier Mi band 5 If removed from the strap looks more long Mi band 5 On the back is the same Okay now I try to replace the strap Mi band 5 uses a Mi band 4 strap If you want to use it, you can From the side it looks right From the back side it also looks right when you look at it from the front, you can see the difference at the top and bottom there is more 
I will test this for its heart rate feature Run dynamically What makes the difference is in this section If you slide up there are details of the heart rate data This feature is stressful 

XIAOMI MI BAND 5 Cool Features

This is cool, guys Here is the notification information in the languag eEnglish There is also a breathing feature here Like relaxation Ok now we look at the mifit app There are several features added The first thing we see is the PAI feature similar to the heart rate feature 

Then there is the STRES feature today The details are complete There is sleep data Look as usual But in this part of NAPS We can monitor our naps Rarely can you read naps In this part of the shop Lots of watchface choices In the manager,

 I have installed several WatchFaces One of the style We can custom with photos in our gallery Now in the language we change the language to English 3 languages ​​available the 2 mandarin languages and 1 english Then in the heart rate monitor We can enable stress monitoring There is world time too we can choose the country

 Notification of incoming calls like this And WhatsApp notifications are like this Can read a lot of characters Oh yeah for this watchface mi band 5 We can custom Touch and hold 3 seconds Then click below Then choose what feature part we wantshow The bottom one can, too After being able to hold 3 seconds In my opinion, Mi band 5 is highly recommended The upgrade is quite a lot The screen is bigger Its features are more complete 

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