This is Realme C11 review This device is about to launch in India on 20th of July, 2020 at the official launch event of Realme. Its price is not confirmed yet, but our speculations are that this phone is going to come in under Rs. 17,000/- price, which surely is an amazing price, because some great features are given in this phone.

Its highlighted features are a gaming processor, yes guys, a gaming processor! and along with it, a huge battery of 5000 mAH. Right after unboxing the phone, the first thing that appears, is that no silicon protective case comes along with this phone, but, this phone does comes with a pre-applied screen protector, which is a good thing, because in this price range we have seen such phones in which there isn't any pre-papplied screen protector. 

Realme C11 Design

Our device today, is in this Pepper Grey colour, and this phone also comes in Mint Green. On the back, there is a ridge design meaning that there are thin lines, which, we have seen in Realme C3 before this and Redmi 9A. This time Realme has also changed the design language which is a welcoming change. This time the camera module is in square shape with rounded edges. 

Whereas, before this, almost all Realme phones had a vertical camera array, this time a square with rounded circular edges is given, this also a fresh change in the design language. If we talk about the size of the phone, it is really big. This phone is for those who like huge phones if you don't like those, you should stay cautious of this thing. 

If we get to the button placements and ports, on the right side there is the phone's power button and volume rockers, whereas the SIM tray is on the left side and at the bottom there is a headphone jack, mic micro USB port, and a speaker. In Realme C11 there is a 6.5 inches of IPS LCD display, which has  a resolution of HD+, that is 720 x 1600 whereas pixel density becomes 270 ppi. On top of the display, in this dewdrop style notch there's also the selfie camera of this phone, As I told you before, the display size of the phone is quite large. 

Realme C11 Video Experience

On one hand your video viewing experience gets better with this the more the screen real state the more you will enjoy your movies, videos, and other types of content, but at the same time, this phone is not for those who likes small phones. If we talk about the sharpness and colours, it seemed fine to me. Even with this big of a display I never had any issue with the 720p display, in terms of sharpness and clarity, you will not feel any pixelation any where. If you do like this video, then do not forget to give it a like, and if you are new, then subscribe to our channel, and turn on the notifications to be notified of our latest videos!

Realme C11 Processor And Chipset

So, in the phone, MediaTek Helio G35 chipset has been added, which is based on 12nm architecture, along with it, there is PowerVR GE8320. Now, this processor here, under the price range of  Rs.17,000/-, according to me, for this moment, is the best processor,
If you look at the comparison of benchmark results then you can see that in this price range the best phones will give you 3 kinds of processors either Helio P35, if you move towards the little better then G35 and if you get to the most in processor, in this price range that is lower than Rs. 20,000 then that is the Helio G70, But that phone competes on the price of Rs. 19,000 if we talk about price under Rs. 17,000, then the performance of Helio G35 surely is the best. 

Realme C11 Gaming Test

If we talk about gaming, then I played Call of Duty on it, it did work on low settings, but still you will smoothness a little better, because of its gaming processor. If we talk about the daily usage apps, then your daily usage apps social media you know Facebook, Instagram, things like that, or even Youtube and video consumption apps. You will not face those issues this processor will easily handle all of those things. If, in the price range of under Rs. 17,000, you need a high performance or gaming oriented phone, then my recommendation will be of Realme C11 and of you need more performance than this, then by adding Rs. 2,000 - 3,000 get the Realme C3. 

Along with it, the phone has 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage is given, which is eMMC 5.1 Storage. If we talk about the expansion, like always, there's full dual SIM support, 2 SIMs and a micro SD card all can be inserted together.

Realme C11 Other Specs

One thing to note is that there is no rear mounted fingerprint sensor in this phone which is offered by the other competitors of this phone so, if fingerprint sensor is very important for you then maybe this phone might not be best for you.

But there is face unlock present in this phone it detects your face really fast I did not face any issues in day-to-day usage Now, let's talk about a feature that according to me, for this phone, and for all the remaining phones of Realme, is a plus point at this time, and that is its interface. There's Android 10 in Realme C11 as well, on top which Realme UI is added, and Realme UI basically, has a very stock android like experience to a great extent, there's no heavy skinning done on it, this is the same experience, that Google designed by themselves, and it is the same experience as you find in OnePlus phones and in Google Pixel phones, with just a little bit of changes. 

Realme C11 Accessories And Battery

This experience is my favourite experience in mid range and budget price range and i get very happy while using it. I am very happy with this phone for the interface. Moving forward, if we will talk about this phone's battery and charging setup, there's a huge 5,000 mAH battery given and along with it the phone, out of the box, comes with a 10W charging brick. Now if we talk about the charging times to get fully charge this phone could take 2.75 - 3 hours but once its fully charged, this phone will easily run for 1 - 1.5 days, and if your usage is light it could run for 2 - 2.5 days if it's even lighter than it could run for more, what I am trying to say is, a 5000 mAH battery with a 720p display, 

this combination normally makes a great battery life. For that, if you need a phone which has a great battery life which has a huge battery whether you travel a lot, or your work demands you to need a big battery you can't charge it over and over, then again do look at the Realme C11. Moving forward let's talk about another selling point of Realme C11, here, I was a little surprised, because normally cameras aren't good in this price range. But in Realme C11 there's a dual camera setup at the back which has, a 13MP main camera of f/2.2 aperture, along with a 2MP depth sensor. Whereas at the front, for the selfies, a 5MP selfie shooter with f/2.4 aperture. The maximum video recording resolution of front and back is set to 1080p at 30 frames per second. This camera setup, is the type of a camera setup, which I have seen in an Oppo phone too meaning A11k, and I was just working on it's video. and I really liked the performance of this camera. First thing is that, a 13MP camera with f/2.2 requires a lot of light so your images can get blurred easily, and you will also feel a lot of softness in some of the images. But, where you will give good light to this camera, there you will get great images. I found the Colour reproduction to be quite decent the reds had a little pinkish shift, overall, I found all the colours to be very pleasant.

Dynamic range was quite decent as well in this price range normally the phone's dynamic range is trash but here, Dynamic range didn't felt that bad. Along with it, most phones in this price range to remove the softness over sharpens the image, I also did not see that here either. So, overall the camera experience of Realme C11 has keeping in mind the price range, meaning a phone competing in under Rs. 17,000/- according to that, I really liked the camera performance of this phone. Now let's move towards my conclusions first I will start with those things that I did not like that much the build quality of this phone was fine by me, not my favourite, it's just plastic plus I did not really like the look of the back but I really liked all the other things, its big display its viewing experience is really nice, this phone's size is big, and I really like big phones the processor of this phone Helio G35 is the best processor in this price range, along with a 5,000 mAH huge battery you will be going to get great battery life

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