I wanted to talk about one of my favorite apps on the App Store which is this one here is zello and basically what Zello App does is it's a walkie-talkie over the internet which just uses your phone


so here how to use it I'm going to install Zello app on my phone and I'm going to demo it for you so you're going to see these two phones talking to each other over the Internet so now that it's installed let's open it up 


I'm going to sign in okay so I've signed in on my  phone  and I'm already signed in on my another phone over here 

so basically on Zello, you have these screens 

  • this one here is the one that shows your recent messages that one there shows all your contacts so you can click on in one of your contacts and then talk to them directly 
  • then that one over there shows your channels so if you want to talk on a channel you can just hit on the channel push the push to talk button and start talking 

so let's say if I just opened up the app to see who was talking let's say it was in my pocket and I didn't know who was calling me I could open it up to see that in the recent I can also replay the message and I can push the button and talk back

so there's a bit of feedback here because I've got them both on right next to each other but this is the very handy app it's better than using phone calls if you want to be able to communicate with someone quickly and you don't want to have to wait for them to pick up 

The Thing I mostly liked about zello app review

the good thing about it is that it works over Wi-Fi over all kinds of data connections even if your data connection is slow this will still work it will just lag a bit and it also has a Windows program 

if I talk on one of them they will come upon all of them just one - just one -  it on both this phone and  the computer through my speakers there is a little bit of lag on it sometimes but it usually works relatively quickly and so some of you might be wondering now what's the point in buying walkie-talkies when you can just use this on phones that you already have and the difference between this and walkie-talkies is that this goes over the internet 

Something that lacks in zello app review

so you have to have an active internet or data connection to use it and also this is not quite as reliable as walkie-talkies when you're in range on walkie-talkies they're always going to work but with this, you don't know 

if it's always going to work sometimes it doesn't work sometimes the messages don't come through for a while so when you need instant communications that are very reliable then walkie-talkies are the correct solution

 but if you just want to mess around with something and be able to talk to someone instantly and conveniently then this is a good solution for that so that was my short video on Zello I hope you found it interesting and maybe I've convinced you to give zello a try 

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