Are you confused about finding out the redmi phones under 10000 or doing a comparison between redmi mobiles then I have a few suggestions for you? these smartphones have next-generation features that will blow your mind up.

As you know this year redmi has launched many cool smartphones in India with world-class faculty from these cool smartphones, we have picked the best phones which are under your budget.

Definitely, these phones are heart-winning as they have a beautiful design, full-day battery, good processors, a Display which is FHD+, the Fastest fingerprint scanner, and a cool camera. they are just waiting for getting yours.

Firstly we have some awesome Xiaomi phones on our list which are under 10000 we will talk about their specs, performance and compare them to other Xiaomi phones in the same budget. so sit tight and enjoy

These are the best redmi phones under 10000

1)Redmi Note 7 - This smartphone with a Full HD+ Display is just priced around 9,999 on amazon and other websites. it has a Snapdragon 660 processor and Adreno 512 GPU which is best for heavy work and gaming also it has a battery of 4000mAh and a main 12-megapixel camera its best variant to buy is 3/32 GB.

FAQ about Redmi Note 7

Is redmi note 7 worth it over redmi 7?                       
-Definitely yes redmi note 7 worth over redmi 7 
Issues with Redmi note 7
  • Many people complain about its display
  • it battery drain very fast
  • GPS Problems
  • Apps don't respond when used for hours 
  • heating is felt while playing games
but it's a very good device under this budget with snapdragon 660 you can definitely check it out on the Amazon website.

2)Redmi Note 7s- Starting from 8,999 for its 3/32GB variant and 9,999 for its 4/64GB variant this supercool redmi note 7s has a good and elegant body design that is available in three supercool colors with snapdragon 660 the same processor which is also seen in Redmi note 7 its battery is of same mah which is 4000 mAH but when we compare its camera with redmi note 7 the redmi note 7s wins as it has a rear camera of 48 megapixels while it's having a full hd+ display with screen size 6.3 inches.

FAQ about Redmi Note 7s

What are the variants of redmi note 7s? 
-As discussed above the redmi note 7s comes with two variants that are 
  1. 3/32GB 
  2. 4/64GB
What are the issues with redmi note 7s?
-It has some common issues that were with redmi note 7 

-Heating is felt while playing games
-Its rom MIUI has annoying ads 
-its camera needs to get more optimized
-Repeated Design

The one thing you probably have noticed is that there are many similar things in redmi note 7 and note 7s like snapdragon 660 but there are things that differ to like the rear camera and the most important thing that redmi note 7 is in single variant but the redmi note 7s has two different variants and also when you see their price than the redmi note 7(3/32GB) is offered at 9,999 but the redmi note 7s (4/64GB) variant is offered at 9.999

I would recommend that you should go for redmi note 7s as it's offering you 4/64GB ram in 9,999.

3)Redmi 7-This Awesome supercool phone comes with a snapdragon 632 processor and also offers a quite big screen for the best gaming experience when we talk about its display it is od  6.2 inch which is hd+ while its humungous battery works for the entire day. Powered by a 2 or 3Gb ram, its best experience can be felt. its camera is similar to the redmi note 7 it's priced around 6,999 in the market.

FAQ about redmi 7
Is it worth buying a redmi 7?
-yes if you are an under budget gamer then you can definitely go for it

Issues with Redmi 7
-Heating is seen in every redmi phone so it's very common among them 
-slow charging
-little bit laggy
-Slow performance

this is the best phone under the range of 7,000 with a snapdragon 632 processor.

4)Redmi 8- It an amazing phone with a battery of 5000 mAH and the fantastic thing is that this phone with 5000 mah battery and 4GB/64GB ram and rom is priced around 7,999 INR but if we talk about the processor is weak for gaming and heavy work. Also, it has a 12-megapixel camera which is seen in every budget redmi phone.

FAQ about redmi 8
Is Redmi 8 is good for gaming?
-No redmi 8 is not good for gaming 

Issues with redmi 8
-Battery Drain very Fast
-Camera quality
-Unwanted ads

it's not a good phone as its processor is very bad than redmi 7 also its price is much higher than that of the redmi 7 if you want to buy a redmi 8 then I would recommend you to go for the redmi 7 as it has a good processor and its price is much less than redmi 8.

5)Redmi 8A - this is the most adorable phone under the range of 10000 it has a display of 6.22 inch and has a battery of 5000 mAh which can be used for up to 3 days it has gorilla glass which protects your phone from any damage. also, it has a hd+ display which is amazing the price of this phone is 6,500.

FAQ about Redmi 8A      
what are the variants of redmi 8a?
-it has two variants 3/32 and 4/64 GB

Can we play high-end games? (COD, PUBG)

Issues with redmi 8a
-speaker volume to low
-Screen Get frozen some times

if your budget is under 7000 then you can save 500 and go for this phone

6)Redmi Y3- This phone is basically for selfie lovers as its 32-megapixel camera is the main highlight of this phone which is priced around 7,999 on amazon. with snapdragon 632
and Adreno processing unit it becomes a device that can handle multitasking.

FAQ about redmi Y3
Can we play high-end games? (COD, PUBG)
-Yes but you will feel some lag

issues with redmi Y3                    
-Connectivity problem
-Touch issue
-Charging issue

Selfie lovers here's a great phone for you under 10000 with snapdragon 632 and cool features this phone is mainly focused on photoshoots if interested you can buy it from any mi store or any other website.

7)Redmi 7A- This phone has a good processor in the price range of 5,499 but it has a single rom variant of 2GB. its screen is not too big but with the 4000 mAH battery it can be used for much time watching movies and if you want to do day-to-day work with this you can easily do also it is geared up with water resistance protection too.

FAQ about Redmi 7a 
Can we play games like (COD, PUBG)

is the camera on the redmi 7a any better than on the redmi 4?
-No as it has a camera of 12 MP Whereas redmi 4 has a camera of 13MP

issues with Redmi 7A
-Connectivity issues
-Heating issues 
-slow charging

8)Redmi 6- its screen size is relatively smaller which is it has a screen size of 5.45 inches it is available in many cool colors - black, gold, blue It is powered by helio p22 processor and a 3000 mAH battery it is available in 3Gb variant from 7,999 onwards.

FAQ about Redmi 6
Does the Xiaomi redmi 6 have ads?
-yes there are ads on every redmi phone

Issues with redmi 6
-bad camera
-quick battery drain

this is a good phone but due to its small display, people don't prefer to buy this phone due to its small display

9)Redmi 6 PRO- it comes with an FHD+ Display and android oreo 8.1 it is powered by a snapdragon 625 processor also it comes in two variants 3/32 and 4/64 GB if we talk about its pricing than it comes for 8,999 you can also do heavy work paly games and do much more things it comes in a variety of many bright colors.

FAQ about Redmi 6 PRO
Is Xiaomi redmi note 6 pros worth buying?
-Yes it's an ideal phone for buying

Issues with redmi 6 PRO
-touch (unresponsive)

Good phone with a full hd+ display if you have a budget then definitely purchase it.

10)Redmi 6A- It also has a very small screen of 5.45 inch but comes with helio a22 processor one thing is that it comes in only one main variant is 2/16 GB and has a battery of 3000 mAH also it has a good camera than other mi phones its memory can be expanded up to 256GB It is available for 5,999.

FAQ about Redmi 6A
Is redmi 6a worth Buying?
-no but  if you have a very low budget then definitely

Issues with redmi 6A
-speaker issues or sound issues

I would recommend that you should go for a better device than this one if you have some more budget


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