Every Year android developers come up with new updates of android os. now this year Android 12 is set to launch but before the launch do you want to know about its features, how stable is it, and many other things?

I am pretty sure that Your answer would be Yes - then let's move on to the Android 12 updates or leaks we got for you. Also, there would be chances that some updates might get left so we would try to update them as soon as we can 

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What will be the Name of android 12 OS?

Every Android os comes up with a beautiful name like a lollipop [Android 5], Cupcake [Android1.5], and so on. But do you know Android 12 name Guess It? yes the Android 12 will come to be known as Snow Cone what a name the android developer gave is mouth-watering.

This is not the first time that an Android developer has given such a name there is Android 10 which was named as Queens cake and Android 11 which was named as Red Velvet Cake 

Designs That Got Leaked

This could be our first look at Android 12! Including a brand new UI, widgets plus tons more. check the video to see full brand new UI, widgets, and many other things 

Theming System

In Theming There is no usual white or black color that is used in Pixel phones, we find a primary known as “sand.” Also, it would provide you many different color themes and notifications will be of rounded corners, new Design, quick settings tiles, and more.

One HAND mode 

Android 12 May come up with a native “One-handed mode” that will make your phone’s screen vertically, that will bring everything to your thumbs and you could use your phone with one hand.

Other Features of Android 12 

  • Face based Auto Rotate - If you rotate your screen your camera will recognize your face movement and rotate your phone screen too
  • Double Tap Gesture - As the name indicates that if you double-tap on your android phone screen it will open google assistant or take a screenshot 
  • Stop apps - The android 12 os will stop apps when they are not in use this process would be known as hibernating the apps
  • Reduce Brightness - There would be a setting for people who are visually impaired.
  • Picture in Picture Mode - picture-in-picture windows will be able to resize images with precision 
  • Scrolling Screenshots - In this feature, your phone will automatically take a screenshot when it will get scrolled

Privacy Enhancement 

Due to rising concerns of the privacy In android devices. there will be a significant update in android 12 about the privacy of the users also In the top-right corner you will get a  privacy indicator that will let you know that an app is using your camera or microphone also you will have an option to disable your phone’s camera, microphone, and location sensors.

Game Mode 

Android has never improved In gaming. But now after the Android 12 update, there are chances that android devices could have a dedicated “game mode” option or  More specifically a “GameManager”. 

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